CAMP project for the development of P-TEA

VERIGRAFT has started a collaboration with RISE (Research Institutes of Sweden), Sahlgrenska University Hospital and YSDS (Your Special Delivery Service) for the preclinical development and logistics development for P-TEA (Personalized Tissue-Engineered Arteries). The project is supported with funds from CAMP (Center for Advanced Medical Products)

Presentation at ARM Meeting on the Mesa

VERIGRAFTs CEO to present at the Annual Cell & Gene Meeting on the Mesa

Dr Petter Björquist, CEO of VERIGRAFT is invited to give a presentation at the Alliance for Regenerative Medicine´s annual event Cell & Gene Meeting on the Mesa, October 13. This hybrid meeting (in person and virtual) will take place in Carlsbad, California October 11-15, and is one of the advanced therapy field‘s most important meetings. The title of the presentation is Personalized tissue-engineered organs that will revolutionize future medicine.

Cell & Gene Meeting on the Mesa

VERIGRAFT successfully completes the Eurostars project eBionerve to develop novel nerve grafts

VERIGRAFT just completed the three-year eBionerve project funded by Eurostars/Vinnova to bring novel tissue-engineered nerve grafts closer to a clinical reality. The grafts are intended for the regeneration of nerves and the restoration of nerve function in large numbers of patients with peripheral nerve damage.
There is a significant medical need for peripheral nerve regeneration, and eBionerve wants to develop a potential solution. The overall purpose of the project has been to make this new and unique technology as ready as possible for upcoming clinical trials and market approval. Process development, large animal studies, preparation for GMP production and preparation of regulatory documents are among the most important goals that have been successfully achieved. In other words, our project results lead to entirely new medical and commercial opportunities for the future.
The project has now taken a first-generation promising product candidate through a series of important preclinical and regulatory development steps. The single most important result is positive in vivo data in a relevant disease model in large animals. At the same time, knowledge and expertise in this field has been built up and important partnerships and networks have been started. This platform will be very valuable and will serve as a basis for continued research and development. This gives Europe’s industry a prominent role in one of Life Science’s most interesting future areas.
eBionerve is a multi-task project where the partners have collectively performed as many key-steps as possible on the way from promising in vitro data to a complete set of preclinical activities, all in order to make the technology ready for commercial-scale up and future clinical trials. The commercial partner VERIGRAFT has covered process development and all documentary and commercial tasks, while the academic partner and subcontractors have made various in vivo disease models possible. In focus for the collaboration has been to pave the way a first product-candidate.

VERIGRAFT is a partner in the Advanced Therapies Vision Driven Health Project

VERIGRAFT is proud to be a partner in the Advanced Therapies program under ’Vision Driven Health’.
The Advanced Therapies field is one of five recipients of funding under the program ’Vision Driven Health’, recently launched by the Swedish innovation agency Vinnova. Through “vision-driven innovation environments”, the program supports consortia of both public and private actors with necessary competencies to set ambitious but achievable long terms goals to meet important health challenges through system level change. The advanced therapies project vision is for “Sweden to become a world leader in development and implementation of advanced therapies by 2030”.
The Advanced Therapies Vision Driven Health project is coordinated by Research Institutes of Sweden (RISE) and begins with 17 partners from healthcare, industry, regulatory authorities, academia, and relevant institutions.

VERIGRAFT accepted as member in CAMP

VERIGRAFT is happy to announce that we have become members in CAMP (Centre for Advanced Medical Products), a newly-formed prestigious Swedish national center for advanced therapies.

Advanced therapies based on genes, cells or tissues (ATMPs) have great potential to generate completely new ways of treating or even curing diseases. The Center for Advanced Medical Products (CAMP) focuses on the science, technology and infrastructure required to implement ATMPs from laboratory to clinical practice. The center also addresses the systems and organizational challenges identified as obstacles to the development of the ATMP field in Sweden. Integration of preclinical, clinical, technical and other scientific areas, with commercialization skills, will accelerate research implementation, new patient treatments and industrial growth. The project will optimize cooperation between ATMP infrastructure and academy / healthcare activities as well as commercial preclinical and clinical R&D. This will facilitate further development and commercialization of ATMP and increase Sweden’s competitiveness in this area.