The Company

VERIGRAFT is an innovative and independent biotech company located in Gothenburg, Sweden.

„Our Vision: Advanced therapies that cure diseases and contribute to improved global health.”

„Our Mission: To deliver readily available personalized tissue-engineered products for regenerative medicine that improve patient’s lives.”

We are pioneers in the field of regenerative medicine, developing personalized human tissues for transplantation. The current focus area is the development of fully biological, personalized blood vessels that can be used to replace diseased or non-functioning blood vessels in patients. In contrast to conventional transplants, where the patient has to be put on life-long immunosuppression with severe side-effects, VERIGRAFT’s technology does not require immunosuppression. With this unique, patented and improved alternative to existing treatments, VERIGRAFT strives to deliver a life changing impact to patients and provide major benefits for hospitals, healthcare providers and society – globally.

VERIGRAFT’s personalized tissue-engineered vein (P-TEV) has gone through preclinical development at the company. Safety data from large animals has been generated. Clinical proof-of-concept in humans exists. The product is planned to enter clinical development within 6 months.

VERIGRAFT is governed by a quality management system and we strive to perform all preclinical and clinical activities to the highest ethical and moral standards.


Our Management Team:

·   Petter Björquist, Chief Executive Officer, PhD, holds a PhD in Biology/Biochemistry from Gothenburg University. Ten years within AstraZeneca R&D in Cardiovascular Diseases, twelve years at Cellartis/Cellectis as VP Regenerative Medicine, responsible for e.g. the major collaboration with Novo Nordisk on development of a human embryonic stem cell derived beta cell treatment for diabetes

·   Raimund Strehl, PhD, Chief Technology Officer, holds a degree in cell biology from the University of Regensburg. Academic background within cell culture development and tissue engineering. Industrial background in the field of human pluripotent stem cell development and application. Over ten years at Cellartis, heading product development and manufacturing in the role of Chief Technology Officer, responsible for collaborations with major pharmaceutical and biotech companies.

·   Edvard Nordfors, Chief Financial Officer, holds a MBA in Business Administration from University of Gothenburg. He has before joining VERIGRAFT, worked as CFO in both Sweden and the Netherlands. He has extensive international experience in financial management, M&A and investments from both large and small companies across several industries, including the Life Science industry.